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Complete our FREE application readiness review which helps 501c3ME determine the application that best fits your organization & provide you with relevant feedback. 

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Step 2: Fill in the blanks

Starting from scratch? No problem. 501c3ME will help you gather everything needed to file.

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • EIN#
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • & More

If these items are in place, that's great! We will review your documents & guide you through any additional requirements.

step 3: We get to work

501c3ME will execute your application & review it with you before its filed. 

Occasionally the IRS requests additional information after filing your application.

In these cases 501c3ME will interpret & facilitate the IRS request.


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Already filled out a 1023EZ or 1023 & need reassurance it's filled out right?

Don't take the chance of waiting 3-12 months to find out an oversight just set you back another 3-12 months plus refiling fees.

- Ugh - 

Let 501c3ME take a look over your application before you submit by utilizing our review service & increase your chances of getting approved the first time. 


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501c3ME will review your completed 1023EZ or 1023 application before you file*



501c3ME will execute your 1023EZ application & review it with you before filing*



501c3ME will execute your 1023 application & review it with you before filing*


*Excludes Federal & State filing fees

(Federal & State filing fees vary depending on application & organizations revenue)

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