Because the Formation of One
Impacts the Lives of Many.
— Co Founders Kenita Pierce-Lewis & Torry Chatmon


Our mission is to "Impact the Lives of Many" through the creation of successful non-profit organizations

Many interested in forming an impactful non-profit sought guidance from our team, so we started 501c3ME to do just that. With over 7+ years of grass roots non-profit organization experience, we offer real "in the trenches" know-how when it comes to forming & operating a non-profit. 


Our Team


Kenita Pierce-Lewis (Co Founder)

Kenita Pierce-Lewis is the President & Founder of  H.O.P.E, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit. She started the organization in 2009 from the ground up with no nonprofit experience and no network.

With vision, planning, & determination, she successfully grew her nonprofit from an $11,000 annual gross organization to $118,000 by tripling it's revenue each year since launching in 2011.

Kenita has learned how to find funding, write grants, fundraise, strategically position her nonprofit for growth, & find donors (growing her own database from 12 to 245 in the past 7 years). 

With her 7+ years experience, she has assisted other organization founders in successfully obtaining their 501(c)3 status while consistently providing mentorship to founders.

"501c3ME provides me with the perfect opportunity to help "Impact the Lives of Many" by creating impactful nonprofit organizations."